Can You Wear Jeans Over Motorcycle Boots?

Here is another Google search that landed on my website, but not on a page that addresses this question:

Well, Inquirer from Seattle, the answer is “yes you can” as in yes, it is both possible and it is also customary, or typical, for bikers to do so.

I ride a motorcycle and wear boots when I do.  Always.  You won’t find me wearing sneakers or worse, flip-flops.  I am not stupid enough to wear something that will not provide protection for my feet, ankles, and legs when I ride… but I digress….

Most guys who ride a motorcycle wear jeans over boots.  While I personally like to show some of my tall boots by wearing jeans or breeches tucked into my boots, I realize that most bikers do not.  I ride with lots of guys, who show up in jeans and boots, with jeans over.

So yes, you “can” wear jeans over boots when riding a motorcycle.  The real the answer to this question is, “you should wear boots when riding a motorcycle.”  Always.  No question.  “Jeans over” is most common, regardless of how tall the boots are.  See this post about how to wear biker boots and this guest blog post about looking good on a motorcycle.

Life is short:  wear boots when riding a motorcycle.