Boots On A Motorcycle

There is a guy who parks his big ol’ Honda touring bike next to me in the parking garage where I work.

I see this display of “boots on bike” every day…

In addition to “boots on bike,” he also hangs his helmet, gloves, and stores a drink and drink cup. He is a very trusting soul…BootsonbikegarageHe has locked storage on that big ol’ bike and why he doesn’t use it is beyond me.

I have never seen him. He arrives to work later than I do and leaves later than I do. I giggle every day when I see this display.

I figure that he knows better to wear boots (of some sort) while riding, so he must be taking off those old cruddy work boots, leave them on his bike, and put on shoes of some sort to go into the office.

I wear good quality motorcycle boots that look okay with dress clothes, so I don’t have to change my footwear to go into the office. This guy apparently doesn’t have good boots (good enough to wear in the office). But at least he wears boots when he rides!

Life is short: wear boots when operating a motorcycle.

3 thoughts on “Boots On A Motorcycle

  1. Would you feel comfortable leaving him a friendly note of advice recommending that he put his ‘stuff’ away? You may work in a very secure and safe place (I hope!) and the concern about him being ripped off could be way off base, however better safe than sorry. He could rue the day he did what he does. As a fellow biker, your concern about his welfare should come off as neighborly and not nosy.

    In any event, between your very nice Harley and his Gold Wing(?), your parking area has nice bikes.

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