Finally: Some Fun

As my spouse has been saying, “it’s been a wasted summer.” With all the travel to Pittsburgh for his mother’s health situation, we have not had any time for any fun.

Yesterday, the sun and stars aligned and I jumped for it…

…yep, I shined up the old Corcoran jump boots, opened & cleaned & repacked my trusty ol’ parachute (that has guided me on some 13,000 jumps over the last 37 years), and met my ol’ team (sans our dear friend who died in 2010), and went for it.

My friends rented a plane (not cheap these days) and flew to our very favorite location in Maryland near the Chesapeake Bay, where we staged for several jumps throughout the day, which was sunny and warm. We jumped from rather low heights: 8,000 ft, 10,000 ft, and 11,000 ft. That is, rather low for us — we’ve done HALO before, but we didn’t have the equipment for such high altitudes this time.

My spouse and I drove to the small air strip where we staged. The spouse is not a skydiver, but he is an enthusiast. He took the photos below. That’s me featured under the canopy of my ‘chute. I had a terrific time, though on Sunday morning, I’m sore as hell. But smiling a LOT!

Life is short: carve out time for fun!Skydiving2Skydiving1

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