Bikeless Biker

Right before Christmas, the UPS guy delivered a big, heavy box with my name on it.  Yep, a new pair of traditional Wesco Boss Boots found their way to my boot collection and on my feet.  

These boots were on sale at my favorite boot store.  To help the store remain in business, I snagged ’em and here they are!  They are great biker boots, 18″ tall and unlined.  Because they are stock size, they fit snugly on my legs and feel great.  I can’t wait ’til the winter passes and I can ride my Harley with them.  Right now, in the dead of winter, I remain a “Bikeless Biker” while my Harley sits snugly in the garage. 🙁

These boots are made on a new last, meaning that they have a more narrow toe, rather than the “bump toe” of the older Wesco Boss Boots, shown here.

Life is short:  wear boots!