Birthday Shenanigans

I woke really early on Sunday, my birthday. I was really, really, REALLY missing my best half who remains in Pittsburgh caring for his ailing mother.

If he were here in the bed next to me, I would have snuggled closer to him and…

…received the longest back scratch of the year. (LOL — get your minds out of the gutter!)

Instead, I got up and met my senior walking partner at the crack of dawn. We walked about seven miles. But it was already getting warm and it was quite humid. I wasn’t up for becoming exhausted even before breakfast, so instead of the 10 miles that we planned, I called it a morning.

I returned home, had a quick bite to eat, then booted up in an old pair of tall Chippewa engineers, jeans, t-shirt, and club vest. I checked my Harley sideways from Sunday, then rode off to join a group ride. I was led on a really nice ride through the lovely hills, byways, and sideways of the county I have called home for my whole life.

Our destination was a famous-in-the-south doughnut store/bakery. I was treated to a “birthday doughnut” and a cold Coke. See my smilin’ mug-astride-my-ride:BDrideblog081615I rode home and was there by noon. Now what?

I got busy taking care of household chores, and took some phone calls from my siblings, nieces and nephews who I didn’t see at the big family party and wedding during the previous couple days.

By 1500, I couldn’t find an excuse, so I changed to my Timberland boots and began to mow the crabgrass that I call a lawn.

So there I am, mowing away, when not one but two cars drive down the street and park in front of the house. Five of my senior pals emerged from one car. They surrounded me right there on the front lawn and sang “Happy Birthday” to me and gave me a spice cake. Yum! My favorite!

As my friends were singing to me, I kept watching something going on in that other car that drove up at the same time. The driver seemed to be pulling something over his head. I thought to myself, “hmmm… are we going to experience a stick-up?”

When my friends were through, I asked them if they knew who was in that car. They didn’t know. But then the door opened….

… and out of the car emerges a Big Bear. Yep, a BIG BEAR, bearing flowers and a card. He rambled up to me, mumbled something (I don’t speak Bear) and gave me a bear hug, the card, and the bouquet. Then he sauntered back to his car.

I kinda stood there in a mild form of a cross between amusement and shock. Then I read the card that said,

Dear spouse, this bear hug is from your spouse. I miss you and wish I could be with you on your birthday. I love you!

Awwww… I kinda cried and laughed at the same time. If it weren’t for my senior pals, I don’t know how I would have reacted. They were laughing hysterically — and so were my neighbors who had come outside onto their front porches to watch.

I thanked my lady friends and brought the cake inside to keep cool. I posted about it on social media and got a huge response!

Then I continued mowing the lawn. Finished that, then sat down by the pond in the back yard and began reading a great book that my twin brother sent to me. The book is in Italian — a great way for me to keep up with the language. Interesting read, too!

By 1730, I was hungry. I decided “enough with bachelor dinners” (of canned soup, cereal, and sandwiches.) I grilled myself a steak, baked a potato, and poured a huge glass of…

… milk. Who me? Drink beer? I used to, but I can’t handle alcohol any more. A half beer puts me fast asleep.

I even poured myself a second glass of milk to enjoy with a piece of that cake.

After doing the dinner dishes, it was time for my evening catch-up, crisis-counseling call with the spouse.

When that was done an hour later, it was time for bed.

I had a great day after all, but it would have been better had my spouse been with me. First birthday that he has not shared with me in more than 22 years.

Life is short: make yourself a great day!