Leading a Ride

Rideblog3I worked out time to lead a ride for my club on Sunday. I was pleased that 14 riders showed up, which was outstanding considering that the air temperature at the time of our initial gathering was 95F (35C) with dew points (measurement of humidity) at 75F (24C) making the heat index feel like it was 124F (over 50C!)

As long as we kept riding…

…we were okay. I made sure that we all kept hydrated and that we used plenty of sun screen.

Rideblog2We rode near the river dividing my home state from the commonwealth on the other side (:-), stopped to try to see sunflowers. Amazing that in just one week, the peak bloom was gone and most of the sunflowers were turning to seed already.

But all was not lost. A common phrase when going on rides with this group is “live to ride — ride to eat!” We arrived at a cozy restaurant in a quaint little town and had a great meal.

Rideblog1We rode on further — next stop, ice cream! Of course!

I arrived at home in the late afternoon. I was pleased that everything came together — I did not get lost (as I am apt to do); my GPS actually worked; my CB radio kept me in contact with a rider at the end of the pack who kept me informed when our group got split up at traffic lights or by cars.

All-in-all, it was a great day. And who woulda thunk some married gay Harley-riding dude could pull this off. 🙂

Life is short: live to ride — ride to eat (and eat!)