Home, Boots, and My Harley

I arrived home from my recent business trip to California uneventfully. I enjoyed a passionate welcome from my spouse, then prepared dinner for both of us. We spent Friday night…

…catching up, then went to bed fairly early (for Pacific time.)

I awoke today, Saturday, and caught up on quite activities like balancing the books and reviewing our budget. My spouse sleeps later than I do, but I heard him stirring about 7:30, so I crawled back into bed and…

Later, I prepared him his preferred breakfast of four- gluten-free flour waffle and hot cereal. I just had some toast and OJ. My system is still recovering from travel and I can’t eat much until it settles down.

Soon, a buddy will come by to pick me up and drive me to my Harley dealer. Like me, he is waiting for a thunderstorm to blow through, or I would have been gone already.

My bike has been in the shop for service during the past week. I’m afraid they were chasing ghosts in the electrical system. Oh great… all I need is for the bike to break down while riding, but they can’t get it to mimic the same problem it had that caused me to leave it with them while I was on travel this past week.

I am wearing my short Wesco burlap boots… just because.

After picking up the Harley, I was going to ride a pre-ride for a ride I am leading for my club tomorrow. However, some strong storms are showing on the radar, so I will be lucky if I can get the bike home between storms and avoid riding in the rain.

After I return home, I will probably change boots again and then go grocery shopping and do other chores with the spouse.

Welcome back to “rather ho-hum mundane-ville” (as I like it. Stable, quiet, and loving.)

Life is short: do what you gotta do and work around rain!

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