California Again

SanDiegoHere I am in California again. Second time this year; probably the zillionth time in my lifetime. (Seriously… California is the U. S. state in which I have spent the most time outside my home state of Maryland, excluding the District of Columbia [which is not a state, anyway]).

This time…

…I arrived on Sunday rather early. Pleasantly and unexpectedly, I was upgraded to first class for my flights. That was nice… reminded me of the very frequent traveling I did years ago when employed in another job.

Regretfully, I cannot (or choose not to) take advantage of the perks of first class. I don’t drink alcohol, and the “free food” isn’t consistent with what I can tolerate — too fancy — so I just had a glass of OJ and later a Coke, and that was it. (They get off cheap upgrading me.)

I was able to sleep rather well on the long flight. Since I had to get up at my usual oh-dark-30, yet have to be awake later than usual after arrival in California, the cross-country nap was nice.

I checked into the hotel and then connected by phone with the spouse back home. It was great to hear his voice and let him know how much I am thinking about him and how much I love him. He enjoyed meals that I prepared for him before I left.

Soon after that, a friend who I grew up with but who lives out here now came to pick me up. We took a drive to a scenic area and enjoyed the view — but mostly, we enjoyed catching up with each other. Like four decades evaporated.SDblogBack to the hotel…

…and who do I bump into but another old friend with whom I used to work in my other job, too. He’s here for the meeting that I am running this week.

“Hey, good to see you… want to go for drinks in Hillcrest?”

I wasn’t sure what he was talking about, then realized he was talking about a gay neighborhood.

I thanked him for the offer, but declined. I explained that I haven’t adjusted to the time zone, and I need to hit the sack extra early so that I can be on top of my game for the meetings starting early in the morning.

My friend seemed to understand… or I think he did… but I’m just not the “gay-go-for-drinks” kinda guy anyway, even if I were in the same time zone.

Oh well… I’m here.

Life is short: get to work!