Busily Booted and Loved

I am working very hard at my meetings in California. I am presenting, organizing, and am meeting non-stop. I love what I do, but man — I’m busy! Begins with breakfast meetings, then meeting-meetings, then lunch meetings, then meeting over dinner.

What boots am I wearing for all of these meetings?

While I brought two pairs of dressy cowboy boots, I am finding that my feet are desiring more comfort. I am standing quite a bit all day long, and walking a LOT between the location of these simultaneous meetings both within the building where the meetings take place and back and forth to and from the hotel.

I have been doing daily walks while wearing my Chippewa hikers. Because those boots are so comfortable, I have kept them on my feet with dress clothes that I wear for work. No one has said a word.

But I learned something else, too. I made a remark that “flip-flops are not permitted” in the restaurant where we had a group dinner on Tuesday night. So what did some of my colleagues do? They purposefully wore those ugly things. Ugggh!

After a long, long day, I returned to my room and found this — Roomflowersblog…with a note from the spouse, “thanks for preparing all those meals for me before you left for your trip. Love, spouse.”

Aw shucks. Nice to be loved. I sure miss him!

Life is short: enjoy what you do, but cherish the love back home.

1 thought on “Busily Booted and Loved

  1. That was sweet that your spouse brought you flowers and sent them to you all the way to California. Oh, and those flip-flops that your colleagues were wearing, “Of course they were going to wear them, it’s summetime”. But anyway, like myself, I’m sure that you pretty much ask yourself, “How do I manage to survive the summer months with people wearing those ugly looking, and they are UGLY!!!” For the life of me, I don’t understand why people love wearing Flip-Flops. I mean, they’re look ugly and they make the most annoying and irritating sound. Well, at least, I still have my earplugs.

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