Wear Cowboy Boots to the Office in DC?

Lucblackgoat03My website’s cowboy boots collection and this blog receive a lot of visitors from men who are curious about whether or not it is acceptable to wear cowboy boots with a suit or dress clothing to a professional office, especially in stodgy, drab, dull, fashionless and conservatively dressed Washington, DC.

Recently, I received another email from a DC-based office professional who went on a business trip to Texas and bought himself a pair of nice boots, then began to question his decision after his girlfriend made some comments after he returned home with them. The email said:

I was just on a work trip to Austin, Texas, this week and bought a pair of caiman black cherry Lucchese boots on a whim and had them shipped back home. Thinking I could wear them in the office once in a while instead of the standard calfskin black cap-toe dress shoes I have several of already.

My girlfriend gave me an earfull “how could you be so dumb you’ll never be able to wear those anywhere”, etc. etc. I’m still waffling about feeling bad since as you know good boots aren’t cheap.

Thanks for posting your website and suggesting it was OK to wear boots with a suit or in an office setting, even in the DC area. The lady at the store said about 1/2 of the people who worked at the TX state capitol wore boots similar to the ones I got. Either black or black cherry across several styles.

Well, yeah… it IS okay to wear cowboy boots with dress clothing in an office. Even for attorneys. Strong men who both have courage and can rise above social pressure do so… like me. All the time.

It really is not a problem — the only thing holding your back is social pressure. Social pressure is causing the “waffling.”

Come on, are you going to admit that social pressure causes you to re-think wearing those cool boots you got and make you choose to wear dorky dress shoes? Really? Can you not rise above those feelings and recognize that social pressure is causing you to fear wearing boots as you would like?

I’m sure you can do it. Lots of us have gotten over those feelings. I know it’s not easy the first few times wearing boots to work, but trust me: it is easier the more you do it.

Bootsoffice2Wear your Boots. Stand tall, smile, and say, “yep, I like ’em! Glad you do too!” when someone else notices. Who knows… maybe some day you’ll even choose to wear exotic skin boots to the office. But one boot at a time.

Life is short: wear cowboy boots to work in a professional office, even in stodgy old DC.

2 thoughts on “Wear Cowboy Boots to the Office in DC?

  1. Whenever I wear my Lucchese boots in the Northeast, they’re a subject of compliments and admiration. There’s a considerable difference between them and a pair of western work boots off the ranch covered in mud, which is the image your girlfriend likely has in her head.

    • I’m looking for the “like” button. Woops, different social media platform. Thanks, loyal reader Cal, for your ongoing support of this issue.

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