Joy-In-The-Heart Ride

bridgeblog2Yesterday, the sun was shining — both in the sky and in my heart.

My “kid-bro” cousin came to my house on his motorcycle with his girlfriend (passenger). We took off to ride together.

That ride was about the most special, heart-warming, fun rides that I have had. Here’s why…

The stated purpose of this ride was to get me back in the saddle of my Harley since I was cleared by the doc to ride again after my serious back injury.

I plotted and schemed, though, with my cousin for an underlying reason behind this ride — to ride to a scenic location for him to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

It was funny during the week as we were planning just how this was to be done. But sensibility prevailed. I advised him not to “overthink” what he was doing.

We rode to a scenic old Utica-style covered bridge in northern central Maryland. We rode through the bridge, then stopped on the other side. We asked his girlfriend to take pictures of each of us riding through the bridge.

My cousin and I rode back, then I rode through the bridge first. I stopped, then pulled out a video camera. I explained to my cousin’s girlfriend that I was going to make a video of my cousin while he was riding, and if she wouldn’t mind, to continue to take still photos.

My cousin rode through the bridge, then right up to his girlfriend. He dismounted, and dropped to a knee. He opened a box containing a ring, presented it to her, and asked, “will you marry me?” She said “yes!”

It was a thrill to be part of this moment.

I then took them to lunch at a really nice restaurant in Gettysburg, PA. What a great day!

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