Bee Oil for Motorcycle Boots

Wescomorrison23The leather used for good-quality motorcycle boots is rugged and durable, but like all leather, it can become stained and subject to mold, mildew, and rot if it becomes wet. While I have had boots get wet before (mostly when caught by a sudden rainstorm, though there are times I’ve gone tromping through streams)… when I have good boots, I take steps to protect them from the weather and help extend their lives.

A couple weeks ago, I received a new pair of Wesco Morrison (style) boots. Morrison style boots are…

…designed with cowboy boot features, such as a rounded toe and walking heel. My new Wesco Morrisons also have an engineer strap across the instep. Why? I just wanted one, so I had it added on when I had the boots custom made.

Custom? Yeah… these boots are not available in stock sizes. And custom sizing for Wescos, at least for me, is a must. They fit my legs perfectly, with allowance for room to tuck my jeans into them, as I prefer.

Chippitstop06I like the cowboy boot style for motorcycle boots, and have enjoyed wearing my Chippewa “Arroyos” cowboy/work boots while riding my Harley. Damn good and well-made boots with terrific Vibram 430 soles for traction. However, they are “only” 12 inches tall. I also like taller boots — so the Wesco Morrisons at 16 inches in height (and also have Vibram 430 soles) have become the “big brothers” to their little brother Chips (smile.)

Wescomorrison19Wesco boots are made with thick, rugged, and durable leather. I have frequently said that Wesco boots will last a lifetime. However, to make sure of that, and also knowing my predilection to exposing Wescos to water, I took some time to treat the leather as well as the sole threads with bee oil that Wesco conveniently provides with each pair of new boots they sell.

I applied a few bee oil drops on a small patch of the boot leather and rubbed it into the leather in a circular pattern. I continued doing that, a few drops at a time. I worked the bee oil into the leather slowly, covering the entire boot surface from foot to shaft to scallop, including the boot pulls and the leather under the engineer strap. It took about 30 minutes to treat both boots, and I used up the entire tube of bee oil that Wesco sent with the boots.

The leather darkened a little bit, but that is to be expected. I then went for a ride on my Harley and took a few more pictures of me with these boots on my bike.
Roadking82But I could not go tromp through a stream — I was on my way to visit a sister on Easter, and last thing she would want to have is her little brother showing up with wet, muddy boots! But knowing how this treatment works, I am assured that “if” I should get caught in the rain (or a stream, for that matter), my feet will remain dry. The boots will dry quickly, too, as the bee oil resists water and sheds it.

It does not take long to treat boots with appropriate water-resistant products. But those 30 minutes will extend the life of these boots for much, much longer.

Life is short: protect your investment in good quality boots.

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    • Thank you for the compliment on the boots. The price varies by what one orders when customized. Last December, Wesco offered a discount on custom boots to its customers on their email list. Visit Wesco Boots website for more details — but also know that if you order Wesco Boots from the factory direct when no discount is in effect, it costs more than ordering them through a vendor like Big Black Boots which is the only third-party vendor I trust with Wesco orders. (I used to order Wescos through Stompers Boots, but I stopped ordering boots from Stompers when ownership changed.)

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