Sunrise View and Work

So this tired traveler does not adjust well to jet lag. I awoke extremely early “local time” and could not get back to sleep. What did I do?

I walked to see a view at sunrise that was…

…breathtaking.TopDiamondheadThen I walked back to my hotel (about 5 miles away), showered, changed, and was met by a colleague and went to his office to work.Htrip01Nice digs! Heck, they even let me loose at the controls!Tblog02Life is short: love what you do!

2 thoughts on “Sunrise View and Work

  1. Hawaii, huh? Some guys have all the luck! (Good for you!)

    But I suppose if you’re in the ‘Aloha State’, that means grass skirts, leis, palm trees….and flip flops (no boots there, I suppose). Oh well, BHD. Maybe you can begin a trend?

    • The number of men wearing flip flops, even in meetings, is horrible. And worse, no helmet law, either, so most people on motorcycles have no helmet, and wear shorts and flip-flops while riding. This is horrifying…. I am remaining the standard-bearer of boot-wearing, though I am about the only one (except for the bike cops, thankfully.)

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