Going on despite…

I love my job, really, and I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to travel. It’s been 28 years since I spent any significant time besides changing planes in Hawaii. My meetings and presentations are going well. I am meeting many more people and like expanding my network.

And I am the ONLY guy wearing boots. Man, so many flip-flops. Uggghhh…. but it’s the islands, that’s what they do, even if I think that the only correct place for flip-flops is in the trash.

However, if you heard my voice…

…you would think that I have been kissed by someone other than my spouse and I was turned into a frog.

Seriously… a frog. I have discovered that I am allergic … to Hawaii!


Life is short: soldier on!

3 thoughts on “Going on despite…

  1. No, no, no! You’re not allergic to Hawaii. You’re allergic to too many flip-flops. Some folks can’t be around dogs or cats, others can’t be in contact with rubber or latex, you can’t be around too many flip-flops.

    My prescription is that you should take two ‘loggers’ and call me in the morning.

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