Come on!

Do you ever find yourself at your computer saying, “come on, come on, work already!” This happens to me more often when I look at certain websites that are slow to respond. My patience wears thin waiting for it to load. If those websites only had ears. LOL!

My internet connection is very fast, so that’s not the reason for slowness. Some websites are hugely complicated with internal functions that cause them to be very slow to load. For example, Lycos email, which was one of the first free web-based email systems out there, recently “upgraded” to “Zimbra” email which is absolutely horrid! It is so damn slow, it frequently times out and you can’t get anything done. I have finally migrated totally off of all of the old “free” web-based email systems that I once used (that includes “Excite Email” which has also been ruined by “Zimbra”). The nitwits that run these systems have destroyed their ease of functionality, not only with stupid “upgrades” that don’t work, but also with advertising that comes with sound. Arrrggghhh!

Fortunately, my Apache2 server on my own computer is humming along great, along with my network and other applications, so no complaints there. But web-based applications that are function-heavy? Fuggetaboutit!

This is one major reason why my website is written pretty much in straight HTML with just a few small javascripts and CSS style sheets. The Boots Wiki is written in PHP, which functions rather quickly, even though the scripts are large. But I am trying to keep it simple, so pages load quickly and the site doesn’t bog down, driving visitors away from frustration. I aim at the lowest-common-denominator, which includes people who still have dial-up internet access and who use outdated web browsers like Internet Explorer.

An early tease: I am seriously contemplating a total re-design of my website, so if you have suggestions about what you want to see, don’t like, or new features to add, let me know. Thanks.

Life is short: no time for slow internet applications. If you can’t make it load fast, then don’t look for me to use it.

1 thought on “Come on!

  1. Thank you for keeping it simple.

    That is one reason I like using Google and the website also. I installed Flash only because it is required for YouTube videos, otherwise, I did NOT miss all of the Flash ads. Apparently, these 'webmasters' have never read Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should.

    Don't get me started on e-mail that is a full fledged webpage. How many people take the time to do all of that coding for a simple message? I suspect that the simplicity is why text messaging became so popular.

    As I like to say about Ebay, I think their goal is: "Fix it until it's broke."


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