Website Downtime

For the third time in less than a month, the server that hosts my website went down last evening. Back on June 16, the server was down for well over four hours. That’s disappointing, because thousands of people visit my website every day. When the server is down, people get an error message due to a “timeout” and go somewhere else.

Oh well, the world won’t end. It’s not like I have an on-line store and rely on sales from visitors. I just get disappointed when this happens, because the hosting service ordinarily is exceptionally reliable and has offered 100% “uptime.” This is the same hosting service that Larry of has used for about 12 years, and he recommended it highly.

I have been so pleased with their service and features that I am hosting five other websites on their servers now. I am hoping that I don’t have to migrate all of my websites to other servers due to this company’s servers becoming unreliable.

Meanwhile, if you have visited my website and experienced a timeout error, please come back.

Life is short: have no downtime.