Had To Take A Stand

MarylandflaggayringsOrdinarily, my spouse and I live a quiet life where we do not engage in LGBT activism. I have participated to a degree when same-sex marriage was being considered by our state’s legislature by contacting certain elected officials I know by phone and with follow-up letters.

But most of the rest of the activism is not something in which we engage. If other states do different things, who am I as a non-resident non-taxpayer to express an opinion? Instead, we demonstrate that we lead our lives as good and caring citizens who happen to be married to the man he loves.

And by the way, the Earth has not stopped rotating on its axis or around the sun. Marriage is still marriage — it has not been “redefined.”

However, when my motorcycle club…

…decided to have a contest to recognize the couple who had been married the longest, I just had to protest.

IF the law allowed, my spouse and I would have married more than 20 years ago. But we could not marry in the 1990s because of the limits placed upon our relationship by misguided and ignorant people who wrote discrimination into the law years ago.

Fortunately, society has changed, rapidly. Those who once supported the civil right to be married to be limited to “one man and one woman” but who had open minds learned that marriage is about love and also about equality — regardless of sexual orientation.

Back to the current-day protest: I wrote a firm message back to my club’s leadership expressing my anger at the contest being discriminatory against those of us who are married now, but could not be married when we were ready so many years ago. I explained that I felt hurt.

In all likelihood, the club leadership did not think. They live in their straight world and only think of opposite-sex marriage. I remind them when necessary that marriage these days may be different from their straight viewpoint.

Within a half-hour of my written protest, the club sent an email cancelling the contest. I asked if my protest were the cause of the cancellation or if they received any other complaints. The only response that I received was that the contest was canceled, and that was that.

I probably caused at least one of the officers to become upset or angry, too. Oh well, that’s too bad. The officer will learn eventually that some of us are married — legally — to someone else of the same sex.

In my own little way, I remind my friends that two guys can be married, live a happy life, and also ride Harleys, contribute to society, have good jobs, and so forth. By living our lives as we do, we feel that we are living examples of how “normal” same-sex marriage is. NBD. ‘nuf said.

Life is short: marriage is a terrific institution and I am grateful to be married to the best guy on the planet.