Travel Again

I am traveling for work again, and am so busy that I have not had time to write posts for this blog. Sorry about that.

Where am I going?

Wednesday 4 February through Friday 6 February, I am representing my boss’ boss’ boss (the head of my agency) at a bilateral conference on the topic that is exactly my niche field of expertise. I was very honored to be recruited to attend this conference and speak on behalf of my agency. The conference is in a large city in the far southeastern United States.

I fly back on Friday night, and will be home for Saturday. Then on Sunday 8 February, I take off to organize, orchestrate, and facilitate 7 concurrent meetings drawing hundreds of stakeholders in my field from around the country and the world. These meetings continue through the morning of Friday, 13 February.

This is my “big deal” event that I do as part of my job every year, and it’s finally happening after months and months of planning and preparation. These meetings will be held in a nice, friendly, small city on the U.S. West Coast, north of California but south of Washington. 🙂

I will be so busy with this travel and these meetings, by the time I get to my hotel room each evening after dinner, I will likely collapse. I won’t have time to write blog posts.

So for now, I’m taking a blog break. I regret the inconvenience for my regular followers, but I am stretched thin.

Life is short: love what you do … and manage your time as best you can.