Our Own Leather Weekend

SpousesJan201501It is “leather weekend” in Washington, DC. This is the time of year when the gay social club, the Centaurs, host Mid-Atlantic Leather (MAL) Weekend featuring the Mid-Atlantic Leather Contest which feeds into International Mr. Leather contest hosted in Chicago on the last weekend of May.

My spouse was feeling pretty good earlier this week, and suggested we drop in at the leather market at the host hotel on Saturday. I thought it would be interesting to see what was going on since it has been eight years since we were there last.

On Saturday, we donned our leathers, but…

…my spouse’s disability was flaring rather badly, and he reluctantly suggested that we not go to MAL because he could not walk without significant pain. (OTC pain meds do not work, especially when the barometric pressure is falling in advance of forecast rain.)

However, since we already were in our leather, we decided to make our own leather weekend right at home. Woof! My spouse sure looks (and feels) G-R-E-A-T in leather.

Some public G-rated photos are below. However, if two married men kissing bothers you, then skip the last two photos.SpousesJan201504SpousesJan201505SpousesJan201502SpousesJan201503Life is short: enjoy leather weekend wherever you have it!

1 thought on “Our Own Leather Weekend

  1. You both look hot in leather – i hope you had great fun. together – best way.

    love those double zip pants and the boots 🙂


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