Proof of My Point

Yesterday at about 5am my time, I posted one message on the Hot Boots “Boots on Line” board linking to my gallery of photos that I took on the Law Ride on Sunday, May 9.

So far, the post got two replies, from my dear friend “KneeHighGuy” and Larry, the webmaster of

One would think, “only two replies? Does anybody care? Is anybody reading it?”

Yep… I have proof in statistical page views and visits. In 24 hours since I made that post, that gallery has received 1,085 visitors from that one link on BOL, with 3,104 page views (a “page view” is looking at one page or one picture. One visitor often views more than one page, so the number of page views will always be higher than the number of visitors.)

So if you whine or worry that you post a message on BOL and “nobody reads it” because of few or no replies, have no fear. They are. Believe me, they are.

Life is short: tell us about your boots on BOL!