Early Autumn Chill = Leather Weather!

Rideautumncopright2013The past few days have heralded cooler weather. Morning temperatures have been in the low 50s (11C). This is my favorite time of year to ride the Harley, though it takes a little longer to gear up. No sweat (literally). Time to leather up and ride! Where have I ridden lately?

…last Friday, I commuted to work as usual on the Harley, and I took the boss for a ride to lunch. Not really much leather that day — my mesh safety jacket, jeans, and Chippewa Firefighter boots.

Saturday rain fell from midday to evening, so I did not ride. (I did, however, go on my usual long walk with my senior walking partner before the rain set in.)

Sunday, I woke early, had another long walk, and enjoyed a very crisp autumn feel to the air. When I came home from my 10-miler, I was not sweaty. I showered anyway (so I would have a reason to jump into bed nekkid with my spouse and … well, I’m married and this is a G-rated blog!)

After early morning shenanigans and watching the sun rise on the trees behind our house, I made a big breakfast for my spouse, but I did not eat anything. Why?

Blackbreeches32I went on a ride with my motorcycle club to a fire department fundraiser — a traditional pancake breakfast. 19 of us rode on this bright, chilly (not cold, but refreshing) morning ride. I wore my black leather breeches with lug-soled Chippewa engineer boots and my Langlitz leather jacket.

Anyone say anything about wearing all leather head to boot? Nope. In fact, one of the bikers riding with us asked me where I got my gear. I am glad we had a chance to talk, because I was able to talk him out of going to Wilson’s to get a leather jacket. (That place carries junk imported from Pakistan.) I referred him to Fox Creek Leather which has excellent, affordable, USA-made biker gear — made by bikers for bikers.

Back-to-work-Monday — another 50F (10C) morning. As I dressed, I tucked my dress slacks into a pair of dress instep Dehner boots. I even wore a tie — not that I was going to a meeting or anything, but a tie will keep drafts from going down the neck. (Aha! There IS some use for those confounded nooses after all!)

I gave myself extra time to pull on my chaps, Langlitz jacket, and warm gloves. All set — let’s ride to work.

In a day or so, I will reinstall the warm liner that came with my mesh safety jacket. I took the liner out for summer riding, but now that there is a chill in the air, it is time to put the liner back in and wear that jacket in the early mornings when it is so dark when I ride to work.

Anyway, it’s autumn. Leather weather. My favorite time to ride all year.

Life is short: Boot up, gear up, and ride!