The Boss Goes for a Ride

Friday was a great day — lightly-staffed “catch-up” day at the office. The boss and I caught up on a lot of things. By about 1130, we turned to each other and said, “let’s ride.”

Yep, the boss and I took off on my Harley…

… he was my passenger. We rode on a lovely stretch of roadway through a park all the way into downtown DC. When we came out of the park, we stopped at a nearby restaurant and had lunch, then we rode back.

The ride was great, and the boss was well-booted. I made him go back to get a pair of boots suitable for motorcycling before he left his home for work that morning with this email message:Bossride0
It’s great working with the best boss I’ve ever had… and arranging a ride together for lunch.Bossride1Bossride2Life is short: combine business with pleasure!

3 thoughts on “The Boss Goes for a Ride

  1. GeezerGlide? Really? LOL!

    That’s a great photo. How unfortunate everyone doesn’t have a boss as good as yours. He’s obviously obedient to your wishes, listens to your evident better judgment and is well-booted. What more could one ask for in a boss? Maybe your next task will be to help him get a license and his own “GeezerGlide”.

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