Oh Doc, Sneakers? Ya Gotta Be Kiddin!

I saw the orthopedic specialist yesterday afternoon, and as expected, he said that I have recovered from the broken leg and I can resume my regular activities “as tolerated.” Woo-hoo!!!

At the close of his examination, he turned to me and said, “wear sneakers for the next few months.” Yeah, right.

I said, “really, why?”

He said, “you will still have some swelling, so the sneakers can expand to accommodate it.”

I said, “what about boots that lace up?”

He didn’t know what to say. He just smiled and said, “sneakers will be fine. You won’t be able to wear boots for a while.”

Little does he know. I’ve already been wearing boots for three weeks. I have choices of boots that can accommodate the minor swelling that I have and do not cause me any discomfort. So to heck with the sneakers: “resume normal activities as tolerated” means, to me, wearing boots. That’s that.

Now, to work on carving down that huge list of “gotta-dos!” then get out a ride!

Life is short: wear your boots!

2 thoughts on “Oh Doc, Sneakers? Ya Gotta Be Kiddin!

  1. What was he thinking? Boots provide much more support than sneakers. I'm getting older, as are my friends, and it's the ones who routinely wear boots that have good knees, my "sneaker buddies" are all beginning to see knee and ankle trouble.

    Nice to know you're back on your feet again!

  2. Hi Boot,
    Glad to see you riding.
    From about 1994-2005 I had to deal with seriou endema due to medical problems. My Doc Prescriped a pair of special athletic shoes and lace up loggers! Got to take the loggers of as a medical deduction. Still wear my "18" Wesco highliners. Was 60" up in a tree last month cutting out the brances from our Christmas Day Ice Storm.

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