Getting Busy

While it wasn’t any fun being confined to home during the period of recovery from my broken leg, at least I had a good excuse. I couldn’t walk, and Mother Hubbard partner wouldn’t let me go out at all, period, for any reason except to the doctor for scheduled follow-ups.

Now that I have returned to work and am resuming a more regular personal schedule, the demands on my time have skyrocketed. Turns out that several organizations that wanted to hold meetings and have me attend during the time I was laid up with the broken leg decided to postpone their meetings until I was better … and then schedule their meetings all at once.

This week, I have been to four meetings in three days, and I’m already feeling quite tired. How did I get myself into this? Yeah, I know: that word “yes” has something to do with it. I really have trouble saying “no” when I have no specific reason (like a broken leg.)

I educated three groups that they can do quite well without me, so I am weaning off regularly attending their meetings. There are others, though, in which I serve as an officer or as a leader or as a past-but-sage adviser and to which I have made commitments. I am backing one county and one state political candidate and serving as their webmasters, and we have to meet to get their sites updated. So I’m there at all these non-work-related meetings. Tonight I have a family dinner, followed by three meetings on the weekend, caring for my aunt, and so on will keep this “former” hobbler moving.

I am trying not to get my hopes up too high, but I hope the doc says that I can get back on my Harley when I have my next visit with him today. That’ll be wonderful. Then to find the time to get the bike checked out and me on it… and not offend my partner too much with my more frequent absences. He has grown accustomed to my being home all the time, and likes it. He dislikes it when I’m gone. Now I’m gone more… and more… oh brother. Such is my life.

Work has been hellaciously busy, too, so all day I work-work-work and barely have time to eat the lunch that I bring with me. But that helps keep me occupied, and feeling productive.

I am not completely recovered. I still am sore and am moving slowly. However, I am wearing two boots and walking on my own, fairly well, without limping. I’d say I’m at 95%.

If you send me an email and I don’t reply… don’t take it personally. I literally just don’t have the time to respond to email quickly. I will, eventually. Thanks for your patience.