These Boys Need Boots!

I had a great day for my birthday yesterday. The weather was perfect, with bright sunny skies and very low humidity.

I began the day with a 10-mile walk with my walking partner. When I arrived home, my spouse had prepared breakfast for me! How sweet!

Then I booted up, mounted my Harley, and rode to…

…my niece’s house where I spent several hours with her, her husband, and their twin boys who are now three years old. They are really fun to play with, and because they are twins, they hold a very special place in my heart.

After a fun day of horseplay and lots of laughter, I was ready to ride home, but my great nephews wanted to sit on their great uncle’s Harley! Great idea, but these boys need boots! (and long pants & helmets!)

LOL… life is short: love your family.CMbikeblog

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