Two-Booted Again!

To heck with what the doctor says, and Mother-Hubbard partner. If the leg is flexing well and doesn’t hurt, and the ankle swelling is down, then two boots will come on.

Funny, someone I know who broke her leg said that her doctor insisted that she wear sneakers for months after her cast came off. She has to wear an “air cast,” which is a supportive device, and it will only fit into a sneaker. Yeah, I was given one of those, too. I use it at work, walking around with one boot on my left foot and the air cast and a sock on my right, rocking back and forth as I walk because it makes my height uneven.

But when I go outdoors, walk to or from the Metro, or to the grocery store, or to visit family and friends, then two boots come on my feet and that’s that. I can’t wear the air cast with a boot. The air cast is too big to fit inside even my largest boots. I definitely will NOT wear sneakers. I don’t own any, and have no intentions of buying a pair just to wear for a few weeks. Plus, I shant sully my booted reputation. (LOL!) So I choose boots that secure my ankle and are big enough to accommodate minor swelling.

I have no pain. Every now and then I feel a twinge of slight discomfort, but no pain like I had been feeling where the leg broke. So I pronounce myself recovered — even if the doc and Mother Hubbard Partner say otherwise. Okay, bop me on the head. Mom always said that I had a hard head. My Nonna always said, “testadura!” (but then she said that to all the male members of the family LOL!)

As a testament, I put on a pair of new motorcycle breeches that I ordered and arrived the week after my leg broke. I couldn’t think of wearing them for a long time. I also put on my Chippewa High Shine engineer boots to show ya: I’M BAAAACKKK! Bwa ha ha! Watch out! Soon I will be back on the Harley!

Life is short: be optimistic (and be booted while you’re at it)!

2 thoughts on “Two-Booted Again!

  1. yeah! Good to see you're back in 2 boots and soon to be on the Harley.
    Thank you for your advice regarding my new Harley I shall certainly look into it.

  2. That's wonderful, BHD! I'm very happy for you. I know how much you love to wear boots, and I don't blame you for making a huge effort to be able to wear boots again. I think you've come a long way in your recovery efforts.

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