Living Safely

Every April, I plan and organize an event that I call “Senior Safety Saturday.” That is when dozens of volunteers visit homes occupied by seniors and install safety devices like grab-bars, non-slip flooring, better lighting, and new smoke alarms (when the current alarm is more than 10 years old as alarms don’t last forever, so it is recommended to replace them every ten years.)

I truly feel as if I have 99% recovered from my broken leg. I felt great! Actually, I began the morning by swimming 30 laps. That helped improve the flexibility in my ankle, which is still a little swollen.

I got to our site at 7:30am, and was met by some volunteers who had all of the supplies set up under a big tent. We welcomed the other volunteers and a county official gave them a rousing thank-you. We also thanked our corporate sponsor who funded the supplies that we needed with a $5,000 credit account at a building supplies retailer.

Once all the volunteers checked in, I went to check on some of the more difficult installations. I felt well enough to help out, and even climbed a ladder to install a smoke alarm. I am not quite flexible enough to squat in a bathtub to install a grab-bar. But that’s okay, we had plenty of able-bodied helpers.

I’m so jazzed. I am smiling the hugest smile I have smiled in a long, long time. The weather was great, the event went exceptionally smoothly, and best of all: 53 seniors are safer in their own homes. They can continue to live comfortably, and safely, at home.

What a great day!

Life is short: live it by doing service for others. Believe me, what you pay forward is paid back. I sure saw the benefit of that when I was laid up for such a long time with my broken leg when so many of my senior friends helped me out.