Back-up Biker’s View

Wherebe1I take various positions when I ride with a group. Sometimes I lead, sometimes I follow. Sometimes I ride in the middle.

When I follow, or ride at the back of the pack, I serve in what’s called a “sweep” position, which is a safety rider. My view…

…looks like the photo above. The role of a sweep rider is to stop with anyone who may have to stop for a mechanical problem, health situation, or worst-case — a crash.

Personally, I have not had to stop for a crash, but I have had to stop for one or two riders who have had mechanical problems. I make sure they’re okay and that help is on the way, and will stay as long as necessary to ensure their safety and well-being.

But most of the time, I do not have any specific duties other than watching the view, which is rather nice!

Life is short: get out and ride!