Boots of the Past Week

A mid-June week in the Northern Hemisphere, with our first “heat wave” (albeit 2.5 days), and the HHH has returned to the Worshinun arear (pronounced air-eee-ur). Gotta get the local vernacular right, right cheer in Worshinun. (If you’re not sure what I’m saying, go ax a local.)

I wore an average number of pairs of boots this week…

Sunday 15 June
Bouletblack07After sleeping later than usual due to the odd night we had the night before, I arose at 0600. I tied on my Chippewa Hikers, met my senior walking pal and went for a short walk — only 4 miles. Home by 0700, showered, and changed. Denim jeans, t-shirt, and black Boulet harness boots.

I prepared four-flour gluten-free, sugar-free, salt-free, flavor-free waffles for my spouse. I had an egg, toast, and OJ — I can’t eat the rabbit food that my spouse has to eat, though he really does like it. I helped my spouse back to bed; he’s still not feeling well.

I did some housework, then picked up four senior pals who asked me to take them to a particular grocery store by 11am. I should have suspected something was up, because we usually do not operate on a particular “be there by” schedule. When we arrived at the store, we were met by a dozen other senior pals. Together, they “flash-mobbed” me by singing “You’ve Got a Friend” right there in the store. Tears fell, hugs were hugged, and I was feeling a bit better from all of the anxiety and worry about my spouse’s health condition.

I arrived home by 1300. My spouse was asleep. I got him up and fed him … more dried rabbit food. I wasn’t hungry myself. (I tend not to eat when I am worried.)

I stayed at home the remainder of the day, in the same boots & jeans. Spent about an hour building “that big thing for the kitchen.”

Off to bed by the usual 2030.

Monday 16 June

Rideworkblog3It is “Ride Your Motorcycle To Work Day!” I wore a blue shirt, black tie, and black dress slacks tucked INTO a pair of tall lug-soled Dehner patrol boots. I prepared my lunch, checked my Harley, then rode to work a little earlier than the usual oh-dark-thirty. I was met on the plaza in front of my office building by a colleague. I asked her to take a picture of me to illustrate what “ride your motorcycle to work day” means.

I worked all day (pants pulled out and over the boots when I got the day started), and got home by 1600 after a later-than-usual meeting. I pulled off the Dehners which were kinda hot. The weather had warmed significantly and it was 90F (32C) with a 70F (21C) dew point. Humid… welcome to Worshinun!

AA40003I changed to jeans, t-shirt, and All American oil-tanned station boots. I prepared dinner for my spouse and myself, then mounted the Harley and rode to a nearby community center to meet a few friends who I have been coaching for their U.S. Citizenship Test.

Home by 2020, showered, and helped my spouse to bed by the usual 2030.

Tuesday 17 June

Chipharnessbomber03Gonna be a scorcher today! I wore the lightest khakis that I have, along with a short-sleeved blue shirt and a new pair of Chippewa roughout brown harness boots. Mounted the Harley and rode to work at the usual oh-dark-30.

Worked all day, then took off at 1515. It was 97F (36C)! What a hot ride home!

NRattle06Quickly changed to jeans, non-animal golf shirt, and Nocona western Diamondback rattlesnake cowboy boots. Carefully guided my spouse into my truck and went to see his doctor. We found out very interesting news which explains why he has been feeling so crappy. We formed a treatment plan.

Home by 1900, had a light meal, then talked and snuggled for the rest of the night. To bed by the usual 2030.

Wednesday 18 June

Bouletwine05Hottest day of the year (so far) predicted. Wore another pair of very light khakis, light green short-sleeved shirt, and brown Boulet harness boots as I rode the Harley to work at oh-dark-30.

Worked hard all day, got home by 1545. Boiling broiling hot (97F, 36C).

Chiphiker02Air conditioning was turned off at home per arrangement with the power company on a money-saving/energy-saving program. Changed clothes quickly to shorts, lightweight t-shirt, and Chippewa hikers. Went out to feed the tadpoles.

Retreated with the spouse to our basement, where it was cool. I grilled chicken and cut it up to serve it with lettuce greens. Nice, cool, easy dinner. Spent about an hour building “that big thing for the kitchen.”

To bed by the usual 2030.

Thursday 19 June

Lucmidbrownfr09Heat had broken due to a severe storm overnight. Roads were soaking wet, so I drove the truck to work. Wore tan shirt, brown dress slacks, and Lucchese Classic dress brown goatskin cowboy boots. No tie. No meetings.

Worked but cut out a little early and got home by 1500. Changed clothes to jeans, non-animal golf shirt, and Nocona bullhide cowboy boots. Drove my spouse to an outpatient center for a procedure.

We got home late… to bed by 2200.

Friday 20 June

Chipfire202Beautiful, bright cool morning. Wore jeans, nice shirt, and lug-soled Chippewa Firefighter boots. Arrived at work via Harley at oh-dark-30.

Worked all day, but still am making up for overtime last week, so I got home by 1430. I found the spouse in bed. He told me that he was just resting. I changed my shirt to a t-shirt, but kept on the same jeans and boots.

Sure that my spouse was okay, I put more air in my rear tire again, then rode to my Dealership to drop the bike off to get a new rear tire. I got home via Metro, bus, and walking. (I sure miss having my spouse to follow me and bring me back!)

When I got home, the spouse had gotten up. I prepared dinner.

Timberland03After dinner, I changed boots again to Timberland Work Boots and mowed the lawn. When the fun of lawn mowing was over 35 minutes later, I took a shower, then sat with my spouse in our basement leisure room, held his hand, and we read aloud to each other.

Missed the family dinner again… not enough time to do everything that I have to do, especially since it is forecast to rain all day tomorrow. The crabs in the grass were already pinching my feet.

To bed by 2100.

Saturday 21 June

Began the morning with my usual long walk — 7 miles — with my senior pal. I wore the usual Chippewa Hikers. Home by 0630, showered, then snuggled with my spouse for a lazy hour.

Chipnonsteel208Dressed in t-shirt, jeans and tall Chippewa engineer boots. Prepared him breakfast of the usual tasteless rabbit food while I had the usual OJ, toast, and egg.

Picked up four senior pals and took them grocery shopping and bought our weekly groceries, too.

Home by 1130. Prepared my spouse his favorite potato-based pizza. That takes 90 minutes when it’s all said-and-done.

After lunch, I planted annuals in our front garden that my spouse had grown from seed.

After that, I spent about 90 minutes building my “big thing for the kitchen.”

Dinner of lean meat and buttered pasta. Relaxed with the spouse for the remainder of the evening. To bed by the usual 2030. Just one pair of boots today. Those tall Chippewa engineers are very comfortable.

Life is short: wear boots!

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  1. I like the fact that you wear your patrol boots under your dress slacks when you are at work. Do you have any plans to show pictures of you wearing your patrol boots with your slacks with the boots under the slacks?

    • Thanks, Jerome. If I ever remember to bring my camera to the office on the day I wear patrol boots again, perhaps I can take pictures. Since I do not have a phone with a camera, I am limited.

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