See and Be Seen

My beloved spouse worries about me riding my Harley to work in the dark. I arrive at my office each day very early, long before the sun rises, even in summer when the days are longer. Bless him, he bought me a pair of very bright “motolights,” which are halogens mounted on the front brake calipers at the bottom of the forks. See what they look like…


These lights form an ultrabright “be seen” view of an oncoming motorcycle. Together with the bike’s riding lights, it makes an impressive scene — or “be seen” — appearance.

I picked up my Harley from the motorcycle service dept. (who installed the lights) on Saturday. The weather was so pleasant (62F, 16.7C) that I rode the loooooooong way home. Unfortunately, a lot of salty road spray from melting snow got on my boots, leathers, and motorcycle. I hate cleaning that stuff off the leathers and bike, but it had to be done so the leathers and chrome would not be permanently damaged.

Life is short: See and be seen!