Just Plain Boots

DPblackI enjoy a large variety of boot styles, and have a number of cowboy boots (and some motorcycle boots, too) with exotic skins like ostrich, python, and rattlesnake. I have some boots that are colorful and have fancy inlays.

Most of the guys where I work know that, and I see them checking out my boots each day. Most don’t say a word, or if they do, they often pay a compliment.

So it was amusing to me yesterday that one of the guys looked at my boots and said, “just plain boots?” with a degree of incredulity. What boots was I wearing?

“Just plain” black Dan Post cowboy boots. Nothin’ fancy. Just boots.

These are boots that an office professional I influenced selected as his first pair of boots to wear to work.

I have often said that I (try to) wear all of the boots that I own. Yeah, I own more boots than the average guy, so I wear them. Every pair. Maybe I wear some boots more often than others, but I try throughout the year to wear all of the boots that I own provided that they fit and are the right boots for the right application. (For example, I like the rugged looks of old mud-stained engineer boots, but I do not wear them to the office. Just like I would not wear these black smooth-soled cowboy boots when I operate my motorcycle.)

When my colleague seemed a bit surprised that I was wearing “just plain boots,” I told him that perhaps he should get a pair as he can see that the boots are subdued and go well with dress clothing. I could see the wheels turning in his head. We’ll see if I have converted another office clone to a boot-wearer at some point in the future.

Life is short: wear boots, plain or otherwise!

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