Gettin’ the Guys Booted

We have had a bout of rather extreme cold and snowy weather in the DC area — and we’re not alone, with the majority of the central, southern, and eastern U.S. experiencing extreme cold relative to their respective averages. Another segment of the Polar Vortex broke south again, and is the culprit to the cold misery that millions of us are experiencing. (Sorry to sound a bit geeky, but my professional side is coming out.)

So back to the situation at hand. Or should I say, situation at-foot.

My office was closed on Tuesday of this week due to snow. It really wasn’t that bad, but for safety’s sake, keeping people off the roads and not on train platforms and bus stops was a good idea. Most of us are prepared more than ever to be able to work remotely. I had an exceptionally productive, longer-than-usual, work day on Tuesday when working from home.

We returned to the office yesterday in bitterly cold temperatures.

First one guy stopped by my office, looked at my feet, and asked, “what boots are you wearing in this weather?”

Then another, then another, then the boss, and (amusingly), the boss’ boss’ boss saw me in the hallway and also asked about the “boots of the day.”

Wow… I never really knew I would become the “boot model” of the organization. (LOL!)

I advised factually and appropriately, “I chose boots on days like this that are lined (preferably with a synthetic, thermal liner), and also have good tread so I am less likely to slip and fall.” Then I lifted my foot up and showed…

Wednesday: Chippewa Loggers
Thursday: Chippewa Arroyos Western Work Boots

Funny, today (Thursday)… two guys showed up in my office and showed off their boots to me. Nice choices!

Life is short: wear boots!

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  1. There you go, BHD! You’re the office fashion plate, setting haute couture standards and changing footwear expectations one pair of a boots at a time.

    You go on with your bad self!

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