No Skis for the Harley

Yep, we did get some snow around where I live yesterday after all. Sorry, no photos, I didn’t have time to take any. But trust me, we got a whopping six inches! (15cm).

Schools, offices, businesses, and even the Federal Government were closed. However, I worked at my paying job all day from home. I don’t get paid unless I work; I don’t get “snow days” as paid time off. So I worked.

But when my ten hour work day was over, I pulled on and laced up my Chippewa Logger boots, and…

…went outside and shoveled the drive and sidewalks. It was the most remarkable snow I have experienced. Because it was so cold (in the low 20sF/ -7C), the snow was very very light. It took no time at all to shovel the snow that had accumulated around my house.

My twin brother who is still staying with me came out and tried to make snowballs and throw them at me, but he failed. The snow was so fluffy that he couldn’t make a snowball — just threw snow in my direction, but the wind carried it away. It was nice to try to play in the snow with my brother; we haven’t done that since we were kids. I just love his smile and fun-loving attitude.

He told me that the snow was much like it is in the alps where he occasionally goes skiing — very light and powdery. But he knows that I am not a skier. Some of you may remember the “Rocky and Bullwinkle” show where in one of the transition gambits, Bullwinkle trips on the top of a mountain and becomes a moose-snowball. That’s me — number one klutz that I am, I cannot ski despite many lesson attempts by my brother. Just like Bullwinkle, I always fell and became a human snowball where all you could see was my arms and legs sticking out.

Oh well, such for the sweet memories… on to shoveling.

Because someone I have to work with really pushed my buttons and got me hot under the collar during the day, I worked off my frustration by also shoveling the sidewalks and drives of six of my neighbors. I find that exercise helps me maintain my calm. Shoveling snow at my neighbors’ houses took about an hour and a half, but was not hard work at all because the snow was so light. And when I say “I shoveled,” I mean that I used a real snow shovel — not a snowblower or other machinery.

It was still snowing when I decided that it was time to come in, so I figured that I would have to go out again later. But at least what I did in the afternoon gave me a head start and reduced my work for later.

I came inside and baked a batch of cookies, using a special dough that I made so my spouse could eat some considering that he remains on a very restricted diet due to his illness. I then prepared dinner for my spouse, brother, and sister-in-law. I love to bake and cook whilst watching the snow fall out the kitchen windows where I can see it fall on our forest. It is so peaceful and lovely.

Before my 8:30pm bedtime, I went back outside and shoveled another two inches (5cm) of snow that had accumulated, then went inside. My spouse’s health had taken a turn for the worse; he was having another random and unpredictable “spell,” so I had to turn from snow-shovelin’ snowman to caregiver. Fa cosí sia, that is how his disease behaves. 🙁

A productive day overall, despite the person who I work with who drives me nuts, and despite my spouse’s health issue.

Life is short: exercise to release frustration from things or people who bother you.