Positive Power

rainbowblogI have a number of personality traits, or quirks, that combine to make me different from many others. I have blogged about some of those traits over time.

This time, I am writing about my positive outlook on life. And with some crap that has occurred to me, as is the nature of life itself, it’s a wonder that I haven’t gone over the edge and wallowed in “woe-is-me, awfulness, shit-gone-to-hell” attitudes.

I have been estranged from some family and people I thought were friends, forced into long-term unpaid “job hiatus” or even quit some jobs, and have been crapped upon and treated poorly by some people. My one-and-only man in my life is sick again and sometimes that makes him miserable and hard to be around.

Why, then, with all the crap in the world that has happened to me, do I remain bright and positive? Why do I have a healthy, forward-looking attitude? Why do I drive some of my friends and co-workers crazy with happy-peppy good cheer? Why do I believe that there is sunshine and a rainbow after clouds and gloom?

I credit my looking for the silver lining to storm clouds to how I was raised by my parents and extended family, and how I have surrounded myself generally with people who have similar attitudes. I also have deep faith and confidence that ultimately, everything will work out. I also believe what I posted on social media last night:

I may drive people around me nuts with a positive disposition. I have faith in a smile and what’s good. It is how I feel and lead my life. I will drive my spouse’s illness away with positive energy. I have faith that positivity prevails. Seeing a smile, feeling comfort and warmth from my friends and family makes it all worthwhile. Be positive, move forward, and think good. Good things happen to those who believe in the power of positivity!

Every single day one has a choice of how to live that day… wallow in gloom or what I do: take steps to make it a good day. Smile. Stand up and say, “I can and I will.” Carry out at least one act of kindness for someone else without any expectation of reward. Honestly, doing things, even little things like holding a door or sending an “attaboy” note to a friend, does wonders for your own soul.

I believe. I have faith. I care. … and it shows.

My faith is not religious, but it is spiritual.

So yeah, I may drive some people crazy, but at least when they talk about me, they say things like I overheard the other day when my boss didn’t think I was around, “you can’t help but feel better when he’s around.” Awww… shucks.

Life is short: think and ACT positive!

1 thought on “Positive Power

  1. And isn’t life just generally better with a positive outlook?

    My housemate of 20+ years insists on being miserable every day. The more bitter and skeptical and paranoid a day is for him, the better he feels about it. Weird. My “Mary Sunshine” attitude drives him crazy.

    At work I maintain a six-foot invisible zone around me – no drama, complaints or whining are allowed. If those attitudes start intruding I move elsewhere. Co-workers know I will not be receptive to pointless negativity.

    I am very selective about the people I associate with and the environments I put myself into. Life is to be lived. Every moment. Every day.

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