Boots Out of the Blue

Lucbcroper01It’s funny how a “bootman” like me gets new boots without even trying.

The other day when I arrived home, my spouse said, “your boots arrived.”

Me: “what boots? I didn’t order any boots.”

Spouse: “there’s a box by the door that looks suspiciously like the same size box as what boots would be shipped in. The sender was something like ‘cowboy’ or whatever…” as he gave me that quizzical look that he gives when he thinks that I know more about something and I’m not saying.

I opened the box and pulled out…

… a new pair of very good-looking dressy Lucchese Classic ropers. They are black cherry in color and have a smooth ostrich foot with sturdy leather shafts.

I looked in the box for a note or any information about where these boots came from. Nada.

I got the name of the shipper/vendor, and called them. They found the order in their system, and confirmed my address, so the boots were definitely intended for me. But they refused to tell me who ordered them. “Our records say, ‘anonymous–do not reveal’.”

Lucbcroper02By the way, this is how these boots look with khaki dress slacks that I wore today to the office.

Okay… now who sent me the boots? Not my spouse, not my brother, and they didn’t drop out of the sky on my doorstep. These boots retail for a princely sum! Gosh, where did they come from?

I am now lining up likely suspects. But isn’t it both interesting and nice that someone, somewhere, knows my boot interests and was generous enough to buy them and send them to me? I’m kinda humbled in thinking someone would do that… out of the blue. I have to admit, these are the type of surprises that I enjoy.

Check back later. When I finally resolve this mystery, I’ll post a note here.

Life is short: love a mystery, especially when boots are involved!

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  1. BHD, you do have a rich life, don’t you? Good for you! The mystery of who sent you those boots is a good one. It’s too late for the Great Pumpkin and too early for the Easter Bunny to have delivered them to you so my list of the usual suspects is useless.

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