Leather CHP Uniform Breeches

This is a little story about a response to something I have had posted on my website for years: my Guide to Assembling a CHP uniform.

In that Guide, I recommend not to get a full leather CHP uniform. That’s because most guys wear it at leather fetish events which are most often held in very dark places, like a bar. Wearing a light colored leather uniform makes the wearer stand out in a crowd, which isn’t so bad unless one wants to appear like a neon sign. That’s my opinion, anyway. Also, light colors tend to make heavier guys appear even bigger. Thus, the rare times I go to such functions, I choose to wear my LAPD leather uniform which is midnight blue. It’s more flattering to my ‘figure’ and less obvious, especially under black lights.

Anyway, someone who makes CHP uniform breeches and shirts in leather sent me a pair of breeches to try out. He suggested that I wear them for a while and let him know what I thought. He did not request that I change my opinion, but wanted me to have a chance to see what the breeches were like.

The breeches are comfortable. The leather is rather thin: I estimate 4 – 5oz leather. That’s not bad — these breeches will be good to use when riding my Harley in warmer weather, and preferably with a dark shirt or jacket and a pair of Patrol Boots. However, I absolutely must have a zipper installed in the fly. The cheap snaps that came on these breeches tend to open all by themselves. I really don’t want that to happen out in public (evil grin).

Some photos of these breeches now appear on my website.

My opinion about light-colored leatherwear remains the same. These are bright and definitely would stand out in a dark bar. I still will choose to wear black or midnight blue to fetish events… my partner’s opinion is the same as my own: I look better that way.

Life is short: wear your leather, and stand by your opinions!

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  1. Ahh, I was always going to ask you for more detail on why you didn’t like leather CHP breeches. I had a breeches-and-shirt combination a few years ago, in rather cheap, papery leather. Hide aside, I quite liked them – but a) I was a good bit thinner then, and b) I've never particularly minded standing out in leather bars. I like my green leather Polizei suit for the same reason.

    Not a priority of mine by any means but if I were to slim down again, I wouldn’t be averse to VK79’s version.

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