Work Shift

Sorry, not much of a blog today. I am shifting what I do for work back to my regular duties. Actually, pulling a short double-shift today to ease the transition.

In one way, I was glad that my training, skills, and experienced were known and recognized so that I could be asked to work a different job for the last two weeks. That other job was much like I had done back in the days when I had to run when the bell rang. I prefer a more steady, “non-response,” proactive set of duties — more administrative and managerial than reactionary. But it goes to show that having the training, background, and experience to be flexible in employment pays off. I am among few who didn’t miss a beat while shenanigans were going on at the top of the legislative branch of the U.S. Government.

So for now… back to work; back to doing what I love.

Life is short: be a flexible professional!