A Week Without Riding the Harley

SeenGrrrr… when I was riding home on Sunday, a buddy who was behind me rode up next to me at a traffic signal and said, “do you know your brake lights aren’t working?”


Each and every time before I ride, I run through the T-CLOCS safety check, which includes making sure that all the lights and signals on my Harley are working. I know that my brake lights were working before I left for the ride. But somehow along the way, the wiring came loose for the brake lights only. The running lights which are on the same circuit are working, just not the brake lights.

I had to wait until today when the Harley will be repaired. Fortunately, since my spouse can drive again, he followed behind me in his car as I rode the Harley to the shop to have it fixed. You can say this is another way that he “covered my butt.” (LOL!)

It has been a delightfully dry week all week, yet I’ve been stuck commuting in a cage (my truck.) Oh well, these things happen.

Life is short: ride — safely!