Media: Off…Books: On

I am not all that interested in television. Usually in the evening after dinner, my spouse and I…

… go to our basement leisure room. He turns on the TV and plays TV shows that he has recorded on a DVR. I may sit at my computer, answer email, and write blog posts, then curl up with my spouse and watch whatever he has recorded. Usually that bores me to death, so I just zone out and appreciate feeling the warmth of his body next to mine.

Sometimes we say, “enough of all this media.” Off with the TV and DVR. Off with the computer. Off with any other media device (radio, CD player, etc.)

We pull out a book that each of us has been reading, and read aloud to each other. We choose paragraphs or sections of a book that we like, and read it with expressiveness. Then we explain what we liked about it and discuss what we read. That is, we have a regular old-fashioned “book club” between the two of us.

We will read to each other for hours… until the bewitching hour of 8:30, then it’s off to bed.

But it sure is fun and peaceful to turn off the technology and read a real, honest-to-goodness book!

Life is short: cut the technology and enjoy peace!

3 thoughts on “Media: Off…Books: On

  1. But, but, but, but…if we cut the technology, we won’t be able to read your blog. And that’s unthinkable!

    • I didn’t say permanently… just not 24/7, as so many people with mobile devices seem to do; they cannot have any peace being tethered to the internet so much. Thanks again for being such a loyal reader of this blog.

      • Whew! I’m relieved. No BHD Musings in our lives, that would be un-American!

        Seriously though, perhaps we should begin a national effort to help folks with internet addiction which is what you’re describing. I see far too many people walking along busy streets in midtown Manhattan, for example, looking at their tablets or smartphones or whatever and they’re not looking at where they’re going. Sometimes they walk into traffic without seeing where they are and too often they have a baby carriage in front them which means they’re endangering some young life in addition to their own. I fear one day I’ll see a fatality or maiming accident because of this. I can’t help believing that putting down the e-device would help immeasurably.

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