Why Do Men Wear Harness Boots?

Google strikes again. Someone entered via Google this query: “Why do men wear harness boots?”
whywearharnessAnswers (there are more answers than one)…

Chipharness021. Harness boots present a tough, masculine appearance.

2. The style — square toe with harness rings and straps — is classic. Harness boots have been around for decades and the style has held throughout the test of time. That is, the style of the harness boot is timeless.

3. Most harness boots have a decent sole suitable for providing traction while operating a motorcycle — so you will see many bikers wearing harness boots.

Chipharness094. Some men find the square toe of a harness boot more comfortable since the toes have plenty of room.

5. Some men, like me, just like them. I wear what I like.

Life is short: wear boots!

2 thoughts on “Why Do Men Wear Harness Boots?

  1. I have a question for you. Have you noticed more queries directed to you and your blog about boots recently? I wonder if an increase in questions means more interest in wearing boots?

    • Bill, thanks for being a loyal blog reader and for your question. About 80% of the visitors to my blog are driven by internet searches, and of those, 70% come from Google; the rest from all other search engines combined. Those queries result in about 4,000 unique visitors to my blog and website any given day.

      The trend over the past five years has been that more and more searches about boot-related questions are indeed landing on my blog or website (or both.) The most frequent questions are from people curious about wearing cowboy boots in general, particularly with dress clothes in an office.

      A full 25% of my DAILY internet searches go to one page on my website, “Wearing Cowboy Boots“. To me, that continues to be amazing and an indication of lots of interest in wearing boots, but great need of encouragement to get over social hangups, fear of “being different,” and misplaced concern about what the “dress for success” queens say in articles in magazines like “GQ.”

      I can’t say that more queries directly relates to more interest in wearing boots. I think the increase in queries is just an indication of “good SEO” (search engine optimization) practices that I try to follow (without overdoing it. I don’t pay for SEO; I just do what works within my hobby environment.)

      Thanks again for asking — now go put your boots on, stand confidently, smile, and enjoy life wearing boots!

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