Guys and Gals Love the Boots

I’ve been really busy at work, going from meeting to meeting and “doing my thing.” I enjoy having a job that I love to do and for which I am appreciated.
SnakesworkIt was raining yesterday, so I couldn’t ride my Harley for the regular commute. I chose to wear a new pair of Black Jack white python boots. These boots are great — very well-made, pegged soles, and have a solid cowboy boot “clunk” when I walk in them.

As I was going from meeting to meeting yesterday, boots worn with black dress slacks and a white striped dress shirt (no tie, thankfully)…

Blackjackwhitepython06…colleagues in those meetings couldn’t help but notice the boots. Many of them said, “wow — great boots!” or “I love your boots!” or “where’d you get those great looking boots?”

Not a one made a silly remark about being a misplaced cowboy or asked me where my horse was.

Black Jack boots are made by bootmakers who formed their own company after leaving the Lucchese Boot Company. These boots aren’t cheap, but are less expensive than Luccheses, and are made to the same or better standards.

One other thing: I work on the U.S. East Coast in a professional office. Few men have the courage to wear any type of boot to work in my neck of the woods. Their loss. Fortunately, I am not among the men who cower in fear of fashion queens and (mis)perceived social norms.

In these boots, I stand confidently, walk proudly, and smile. A lot. Especially when receiving so many compliments!

More photos of these boots are here on my website.

Life is short: wear boots to work!

3 thoughts on “Guys and Gals Love the Boots

  1. These new boots are stunning! I got a new pair of Black Jack’s recently as well. However, my boots aren’t nearly as striking. But you have given me an idea for the next entry on my wish list. This company makes an excellent boot that I’ve been proud to wear for a number of years. Enjoy!


  2. Those are indeed striking boots. Little wonder to me that your work colleagues noticed them and were commenting on them. They would need to be blind and have poor taste not to see them and appreciate how good they look on you.

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