Cowboy Boots for Motorcycle

Chippitstop02As a “boot aficionado,” owning and wearing hundreds of pairs of boots, and also being an avid motorcyclist (aka “biker”), I see search queries and have received email from time to time from some guys who are looking for recommendations on boots with cowboy style yet are suitable for use when operating a motorcycle.

Most traditional cowboy boots have a smooth leather sole — totally wrong and unsafe for use while operating a motorcycle. Stop at a light where cars have dripped oil on the road… slip slip slip… or try to maneuver a heavyweight bike into a parking lot … slip slip slip… and sometimes, fall.

I am one of those guys who carefully selects his boots — right boots for the right job. Dress cowboy boots for the office — motorcycle boots with good soles for the bike — rugged work boots for construction. Seldom do the “boot functions” work in multiple applications.

I have been pleased to see, however, some boots that can work as a good motorcycle boot as well as a stylish cowboy boot to wear in an office. Here’s my latest discovery–

These are USA-made Chippewa “Briar Pitstop” boots, model 20012. They are in the “Rugged Outdoor Aroyos” lineup (this term actually means “rugged outdoor gulches,” and is an amusing way of making a boot sound rugged and durable by using a Spanish word.)

Chippitstop06You get cowboy boot style with a Vibram 430 minilug sole in these boots, which is an excellent example of what I am talking about. Can’t do much better than a sturdy, rugged Vibram sole for a motorcycle boot.

These boots are made of thick leather. They are durable as a rock. But they also look good with business casual clothes that I wear to work.

These boots are not new to the market. Goodness knows, companies like Double H, Redwing, and Chippewa have been offering hybrid cowboy-biker boots for years. These companies tend to classify these boots as work boots, so if you are looking for them on-line, use “work boots” as a search phrase.

Chippitstop08Yep, nice boots. I like them. I will put these boots in regular rotation with my other motorcycle boots, and not favor one style over another. I like both styles. But I know there are some guys who have strong preferences for a cowboy boot style and who also want a good boot sole while operating a motorcycle.

And in case you’re wondering: these boots were a gift from a young guy who I taught how to ride a motorcycle. He got a pair for himself and thought I would like them, too, because we talked a lot about proper boots and gear for motorcycling during his training. Thanks, buddy! Nice boots!

More photos of these boots are on my website, here.

Life is short: ride safe and with style.