What Is Old Is New Again, Work-Wise

Bootsoffice2Today marks the date when my temporary work-hiatus is done, and I’m back at work at my “old” job, doing what I love in the same place with the same people in the same downtown of my hometown.

It took a bit of finaggling to get here, but I’s here.

Some regular readers of this blog may have been wondering why my “boots at work this week” postings suddenly stopped. That’s because I disappeared from my old office at the end of March. The contract for my “old” job ended on March 31 and was bidded out. Another company that has a history of underbidding and different from the one for whom I had worked, won the contract. This new company is run by people I have concerns about in how they deal with people, or fail to do so… but I’ll let time inform me if my concerns are well-grounded.

A representative from the “new” company contacted me at the end of March to feel me out if I wanted to come back. I said, “yes, under the right circumstances” then laid out my requirements, which (in my opinion) were reasonable considering my experience and education.

Then I didn’t hear anything until two weeks ago, and only then to ask me to restate my requirements to return to that position. I did so again, then heard nothing, then I started to get a flurry of frantic telephone calls and emails. I went back-and-forth by phone and email for way too long, but these guys were persistent in offering me shit. I was tempted, but did not ask, “what part of ‘no’ don’t you understand?” when it came to their low-ball offers.

LegendaryofficeUp until the last minute, I was uncertain if I would be coming back to this job. The new company’s low-ball offers had to be continually rejected … seven times. Eventually with pressure from me and some well-positioned and influential people, the new company came around to my terms through ongoing negotiations, so the only negative thing I will have to “eat” is an increase in the cost of my share of health insurance. (If DOMA is struck down by The Supremes, then I can get on my spouse’s health plan and drop my more costly individual plan.)

I will be assuming some new duties, too, well within my scope of knowledge, skills, and abilities. I am excited to return to my new-old-new-old again stomping grounds in the downtown of my hometown. Best yet, I can ride my Harley to work and park it for free in the garage under my building. I fought darn hard for the legislation that provides free motorcycle parking in public garages, so I intend to reap the benefits of what I fought for.

Meanwhile, I did make optimum use of my unpaid three-week vacation: I got married; I went on several mid-week motorcycle rides; I removed aluminum wiring from a friend’s house and replaced it with copper; I helped my spouse do a lot of home maintenance projects; built a cabinet and did some electrical work for several senior pals; and other stuff. Man, I shouldn’t have been such a slacker.

What’s old is new again. Life is sweet.

Life is (also) short: negotiation is important–remember the old adage, “you don’t ‘get’ unless you ‘ask’ and ‘Don’t take ‘no’ for an answer if you know you’re right”!

1 thought on “What Is Old Is New Again, Work-Wise

  1. How does all that Heart and Over-achievement fit into one body? So enjoy hearing of your applications of your assets.
    As an artist, I have to address the first photo here. The Boots you have chosen are a fantastic interpretation of the surrounding buildings.
    And now I will attempt to do one third of what you did in the next three weeks of my life.
    Be well, both of you!

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