Boots At Work — Ostrich Again!

DPostrich09As I continued on my endeavor to wear each pair of boots in my cowboy boot collection and my motorcycle boot collection without repeating any, I did not realize just how many pairs of boots I own that have ostrich skin on the foot! Here goes — more ostrich this whole week!
Note: all photos are from my photo collection on my computer, and were not taken at work with the clothes I was wearing.

Monday, 18 March
Weather: Threatened snowstorm didn’t happen. Cold, windy, and miserably drizzly as I was driving home. Boots: Lucchese 1883 tan ostrich cowboy boots with dark blue khakis, tan shirt, no tie. These boots are very soft and quite comfortable. Well broken-in, too, so the soles were scuffed enough so they gave a little traction on wet sidewalks between the parking garage and the office. One woman in the break room looked at my boots and asked, “are those boots?” to which I had a number of things come to mind to reply, but all I said was, “yes. Very comfortable.” She smiled and changed the subject to something that we both were working on.Luchtanostrich10

Tuesday, 19 March
Weather: cool but warmed up, sunny by afternoon. Boots: Dan Post brown ostrich leg boots with a dark blue shirt and tan khakis, no tie. These are very comfortable and good-looking boots. They also make a nice, distinctive “cowboy boot clunk” on sidewalks. As usual, I brought my lunch, so I didn’t go out until it was time to leave for the day. Anyone say anything about the boots? Nope.DPbrownostrichleg10

Wednesday, 20 March
Weather: cool, dry, and sunny. Boots: Dan Post black ostrich leg boots with a grey pinstriped dress shirt, dark blue slacks, and while I toyed with the idea of wearing a tie with such nice clothes and dress boots, I had second-thoughts. Why ruin a perfectly good day with a noose? Worked, worked, worked all day. Had lunch in, as usual. Anyone say anything about the boots? Nope.DPostrich00

Thursday, 21 March
Weather: cold, windy, sunny. Boots: Dan Post “vegas cut” ostrich toe cowboy boots with navy blue shirt, khaki pants, no tie. These boots are as dressy as their brothers that I wore the day before. I received these boots as a gift from a senior pal on Thanksgiving, 2008. The heartwarming story behind this gift is here on my blog. I had forgotten again how comfortable these boots are. I’ll wear them again! Anyone say anything about the boots? Nope. Darn, and I had a good story to tell, too!DPblackvegas02

Friday, 22 March
Weather: cold, wind abated, sunny. Boots: Nocona cognac ostrich-inlay cowboy boots with navy blue denim jeans, striped shirt, no tie. These boots look great with jeans, and are very comfortable. The contrast of traditional cognac ostrich boots with blue jeans was noticed. Not one, not two, but three people throughout my work day said, “cool boots!” or “nice boots!” Too bad I couldn’t influence anyone where I work to actually wear boots!Nocostrich02

Life is short: wear boots to work!

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  1. Great booted week. Your collection is fantastic. Wished you are my coworker.

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