Boots At Work — Mixed Bag

Luctanwing04Continuing on my endeavor to wear each pair of boots in my cowboy boot collection and my motorcycle boot collection without repeating any, these are the boots I wore to my office this week.

Note: except for the photo taken at home on Wednesday, all other photos are from my photo collection on my computer, and were not taken at work with the clothes I was wearing.

Monday, 4 March
Weather: cold, dry. Boots: Brown Lucchese goat skin french toe dress cowboy boots. Worn with tan khaki pants, blue pinstripe shirt, no tie. Yes, guys, you can wear brown boots with tan khakis and a blue shirt. Did anyone notice the striking situation of my boots not matching the color of my shirt? No. Did anyone say anything about the boots? No.Lucmidbrownfr09

Tuesday, 5 March
Weather: cool, dry, sunny. Boots: Brown/Black Lucchese Classics tan wingtip cowboy boots. These boots are color-cousins to my Lucchese ‘Blue Jeans’ cowboy boots with black inlays under soft brown leather. I wore them with medium brown denim jeans and a brown pinstripe shirt. No tie. Walked a few miles at lunch as the weather was nice and I had good company of an intriguing scientist to walk with. As usual, no one said anything about the boots in my office, though my colleague asked, “wouldn’t you be more comfortable walking in a pair of sneakers?” My reply, “I don’t wear sneakers. These boots are very comfortable.” And they were! Luctanwing01

Wednesday, 6 March
SnowmenWeather: snow day! My office was closed due to predicted bad weather in the entire region (that did not happen where I live). While it turned out to be a “non-event” where I live, there were others who live north and west of me who had plenty of snow. I worked at home, wearing my old, comfy 2007 edition of Chippewa Firefighter boots with an old pair of jeans and flannel shirt. (and of course, NO TIE!) Anyone say anything about the boots? Yes — as I was entering our house from a brief visit to the mailbox, my fiance said, “take those things off before you track glop around the house.” He hates glop. FFbootswetdrive

Thursday, 7 March
Weather: cool but warming, sunny. One would never know that it snowed the day before. Boots: Brown Boulet harness boots with olive khakis, green shirt, no tie. I bought these boots last year because I thought they would be equally as comfortable as their black brothers. Not quite true — I have to wear two pairs of socks and use gel insoles to make these boots as comfortable as others. Anyone say anything about the boots? Nope.Bouletwine05

Friday, 8 March
Weather: cool and sunny, warming. No visible evidence that snow ever fell this week. Boots: dark brown Lucchese goatskin dress cowboy boots with dark blue denim jeans and a dark blue shirt. I toyed with the idea of wearing my blue leather tie for the hell of it, but came back to my senses and left it in the closet. (I didn’t want to spoil my reputation or scare everyone to death at work).

Like their Lucchese Classic dressy goatskin brothers, these boots are tight. They fit, but they are tight on the instep and the calf. I made these boots wearable by stretching them in strategic places (with blocks of wood at the instep and my boot calf stretcher on the shafts) for a week at a time (on each boot) during the last two weeks. Using “boot stretching liquid” (i.e., plain old rubbing alcohol for $1 from the local drugstore), these boots stretched and conformed to fit me better so I could wear them to work.

Anyone say anything about the boots? Once again, my lunchtime walking buddy asked, “now tell me,” [emph. added] “don’t you own a pair of sneakers?”, to which I replied, “hell no. These boots provide much better support to my high arches and my feet than silly old sneakers.” ‘nuf said.Lucbrowngoat08

Life is short: wear boots to work!

2 thoughts on “Boots At Work — Mixed Bag

  1. I sold my pair of Luccheses (goat, first pic) because they were too low in the instep for me, even after having them stretched!
    I really like the harness boots (Boulet, 4th pic). I don’t own any harness boots, but I might have to get me a pair. Too bad they aren’t comfortable. I have one pair of Boulet tall-top buckaroos. They are “OK”, but I only wear them when I want to be “heard” because there is nothing quiet about them. The heels can be heard from a mile away.

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