Prayers for a Cop

I learned regretful and sad news yesterday that a motor officer who I worked with and judged in our local police motorcycle riding competition was shot in the head by a crazy fool. The officer was flown by helicopter to the hospital where he underwent surgery. His condition is critical. We’re all praying for his recovery, and for his family, including young children.

It’s a small, interconnected world we live in. I’m not a cop, but feel a connection to the officer because…

… he helped me a great deal with a project I was doing for a former job. He spent hours, literally, posing for photos that were put into a brochure that I created to serve the public safety community in the United States.
LaboyOne month after that photo shoot, I saw him again at a police riding competition. He went out of his way to talk to me, introduce me to his colleagues, and talk. He was very nice to me then, and we continued to smile, shake hands, and chat each year when we saw each other again at subsequent police motorcycle competitions that he participated in.

I am deeply saddened about his injury by senseless gun violence.

Thoughts and prayers for him, his family, and his fellow officers who put their lives on the line protecting us, each and every day.

Life is short: thank a cop.

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  1. BHD, here’s wishing and praying that your friend is able to successfully and completely recover from this shooting. I hope he and his family will be ok.

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