Boots at Work — Python Style!

Blackjackpython01Continuing on my endeavor to wear each pair of boots in my cowboy boot collection and my motorcycle boot collection without repeating any, these are the boots I wore to my office this week — all python! Hissssssssssssss!

Note: except for the picture on Tuesday, all other photos are from my photo collection at home, and were not taken at work with the clothes I was wearing.

Monday, 25 February
Weather: cold, dry. Boots: Dan Post blue back-cut python cowboy boots. Yep, blue cowboy boots in the office, who woulda thunk? I wore them with navy slacks, blue shirt, no tie. While I attended several meetings and took a walk at lunchtime, no one said anything about the boots. I realized, however, that since I bought these boots in 1994, they are smaller than what a Brannock Device says in my true foot size. Thus — ouch — these boots were not comfortable.Bluepython03

Tuesday, 26 February
Weather: cold, a little rain in the afternoon. Boots: (new) Los Altos biker harness boots made with a natural python foot and black leather on the harness straps and shaft. The boots have a big lug sole (but not Vibram.) I wore these boots with black denim jeans, blue shirt, no tie. These boots are new to my collection. So new, in fact, I have not posted a page about these boots on my website because I have not been able to take pictures of them yet. I got these boots for half of retail cost through negotiation. I am glad I did — these boots are rather poorly made, proving that Los Altos boots have rather low value. The leather is exceptionally soft, the boots are unlined, run large, and the soles are cheap imitations. Oh well, they are quite different! I like the style! LosAltosPython02

Wednesday, 27 February
Weather: cold. Wet but drying up. Boots: Tony Lama back-cut python cowboy boots with navy khakis, light blue shirt, no tie. I have owned these boots for a long time. While they are small on me nowadays, I could wear them just fine. TLblackpython01

Thursday, 28 February
Weather: cold but dry, cloudy. Boots: Natural color Dan Post belly-cut python cowboy boots with light tan khakis, green shirt, no tie. I have also owned these boots for a very long time, and remember why I stopped wearing them — they are tight on my feet and squeak (a little bit.) I will have to move these over to the sales page of this website soon (I will not give them away, so please don’t ask.) As usual, no one noticed or said anything about such distinctive boots worn with office attire. DPnatpython11

Friday, 1 March
Weather: cold, dry and sunny. Boots: blue/cream Black Jack back-cut python boots with dark blue denim jeans and a blue striped shirt. No tie. (Yippie, a whole week without having to wear a noose!) I love these boots; very comfortable and good-looking. When I entered the building where I work, the guard stopped me and said, “man, those are really cool boots!” Then he pointed them out to everyone else within earshot. I just smiled and said, “thanks.” His attention to the boots started a conversation that I had with several people in the elevator as I rode up to the floor where I work. Okay, just another day booted in the office!Blackjackpython09Life is short: wear boots to work!

3 thoughts on “Boots at Work — Python Style!

  1. Great booted week! Snake is always great – and I love them. Hope all people who talk to you wear boots next week too.

      • BHD, with the variety of boots you’ve worn to work, I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if you influence a few of your coworkers to begin wearing boots.

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