Chain on Muir Cap?

A traditional all-leather cap made by the Muir Hat Company has been long-regarded, especially by the “old-guard” who enjoy leather, as the finishing touch to a head-to-boot leather outfit. I have had my Muir Cap for a long, long, time and it still looks and fits great. I wear it for a lot of photos that appear on my website, but that’s about it since my partner and I no longer go out to leather-oriented events, parties, or gatherings.

I continue to see that there is a lot of interest in Muir caps by the number of visitors to that page on my website. It really has a classic, tough-looking appearance.

When new, Muir caps come with a mylar band across the front and top. The company calls it an expansion band. I’m not quite sure of its purpose, but I guess it might help the hat keep its shape when worn.

I replaced both of the plastic expansion bands that came with my hat with metal. I have a chrome band across the front, and a chrome chain across the top. I got the front band from a leather fetish store in Los Angeles in the 1980s. I got the chain in Melbourne, Australia in 1995.

Why did I add these metal items to my hat? I do not remember. I guess perhaps I have seen other guys with metal chains or bands on their hats and thought their hats looked better that way. I noticed a Google search the other day asking a question, “leather cap chain meaning?”

I got to thinking, just what is the meaning of a chain on a Leatherman’s Muir Cap? Is it because the bad-boy biker image includes chains and knives for rumbles? Certainly, that isn’t my image or style. Is it because it makes the hat and its wearer appear to be more tough, like the hat worn by James Dean in some of his classic bad-boy biker movies of years ago? Is it because the contrast of shiny metal against black makes the hat stand out better? Is it because you can see metal on a hat in a dark bar better than a hat that is all black?

Probably a combination of these … but there could be more. What do you think?

Grrrrr: life is short — wear your leather!

5 thoughts on “Chain on Muir Cap?

  1. Personal preference, I guess. I prefer ’em without chain or silver mylar, so mine’s all-black apart from the eagle badge (and even that’s a dull rather than shiny finish).

  2. Hey Guys,

    Can anyone provide me with the full contact information for the Muir Cap company.

    Do they sell other fetishwear?
    Is there a specific contact person?
    Do they make the Muir Cap in Latex?

    Greatly appreciated,

  3. The Muir Cap company has a website, linked here. Contact information is there.

    To my knowledge, they do not sell anything other than hats. From what I see on their website, they do not make hats in latex. I do not know the name of a specific contact person. Here is their contact information. Give them a call or send an email with your questions.

  4. In our region (tx) and most other places I have visited, the chain represents a Leather Master.

    Sir Talon
    DFW Leather Corp L/C

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