Kiddie Pop Star Sets a Bad Example

Here is a photo taken recently in a story about a kiddie pop star who took a spin on a sport bike in Beverly Hills, California. The name of this kid and the report of his ride is here. I choose not to write his name here as I do not want internet searches for his name to wind up here. This blog post is not about him; it’s about stupid choices made by someone who gets a lot of attention in the media.)

Come on, JB, what are those stupid things on your feet?

While the article calls them “studded boots,” they look like high-top sneakers to me. These things provide little protection and demonstrate once again how those who garner media attention can demonstrate bad choices and set poor examples. I give him credit, though: he is wearing a full-face DOT-approved helmet and long pants.

Always, always, always, wear sturdy, over-the-ankle motorcycle BOOTS when you ride any type of motorcycle. Sneakers are for the gym, studded red kiddie high-tops are for use during your performance, and flip-flops are for the trash. Period.

Life is short: set the right example when you ride. You never know who is watching (or taking photos) and which kid will try to imitate you by dressing the same and thinking it’s fine to ride a sport bike recklessly while wearing sneakers.

2 thoughts on “Kiddie Pop Star Sets a Bad Example

  1. BHD, you were ‘way’ too soft on him.

    His ‘studded sneakers’ have the studs in absolutely the wrong place. They’re on the side of the sneakers, not on the sole where they could help him in an emergency. Secondly, he’s not wearing gloves which would help with holding the bike and controling the brakes/gas. He’s also not wearing a leather jacket. If he fell, he’d be leaving parts of him all over. Finally, why didn’t he ask Joan, Melissa or even Mr. Blackwell (through seance if need be) for fashion advice. What awful couture is that from? They wore better than that in Rocky Horror Picture Show. Sheesh!

    BTW: Happy belated Turkey. Glad to read that you and BB had a good Thanksgiving. Now on to Christmas and New Year’s.

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