My Fiance’s Birthday

Today is my fiance’s birthday. I kinda like calling him that….

He insisted that he did not want any presents, party, or even a pie. (He has never been a cake-eater, but always liked lemon meringue pies. Unfortunately due to his illness, pie is on his “no-no” list.)

But I couldn’t let his special day go by without giving him something. So this is what he finally let me give to him:

Me. All of me. My time, my full attention, my love.

I began yesterday (Sunday) of his two-day present. Here’s what we did (such is the boring life of two suburban-living homebodies):

First, as we woke but before we got out of bed, I snuggled next to him and held him closely. I hit the remote which opens the shades across the wall of windows across the back of our master bedroom. We watched the rising sun turn the remaining leaves that are on the trees in the forest behind our house from dull yellow/green to gold. It was a lovely sight.

Then I prepared a great home-cooked-from-scratch breakfast of gluten-free, yeast-free waffles with fresh fruit, and an egg white omelet filled with still-fresh green peppers from our garden.

After that, he wanted to make ravioli. He loves my homemade ravioli (and so do I.) So I made pasta from scratch, then prepared a cheese filling of ricotta, fresh mozzarella, asiago, parmesan, and pecorino romano cheeses. We rolled out the pasta into long thin strips, cut it with my ravioli cutter, and made several batches that will last for weeks. We put it in the freezer and plan to use it in weeks to come.

As we were making ravioli, I prepared a huge pot of marinara sauce, simply flavored with garlic and onion. Later, we let it cool, skimmed out the onions and garlic, and poured into jars for future use.

After the excitement of cooking all morning was over, we noticed that it had warmed up significantly. Our thermometer showed 70°F (21°C). Instead of hopping on the Harley, which my fiance is unable to do (that is, he can’t ride with me as a passenger like he used to), we spent the remainder of the day cleaning our yard from fallen leaves, trimming bushes and trees, and otherwise preparing for winter. Also at my fiance’s request, I got out the powerwasher and thoroughly cleaned our front porch and sidewalk. Tough, water-resistant All American station boots kept my feet dry.

After the thrill of hours of yardwork, we relaxed for an hour in our hot tub.

Then I prepared a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Why now? Just because… my fiance found a turkey breast in the freezer yesterday and suggested we eat it this weekend.

So no riding, no going forth and saving the world of my senior pals… not today, not his birthday. He gets me. All of my time, all of me.

Life is short: show those you love how you love them.